P ZeroTM Velo

With over a century of racing know-how Pirelli have developed P ZeroTM Velo. Born over 2 years, P ZeroTM Velo combines the reliability, the road handling and the grip Pirelli is famous for. This combination perfectly complements your cycling performance, because after all, a tyre’s performance is also yours.

P ZeroTM Velo

The new standard in bicycle clincher performance. Patented Pirelli SmartNET Silica® provides superior grip in both dry and wet conditions.

  • Low rolling resistance
  • Unparalleled dry & wet grip
  • Predictable handling
  • Supreme comfort
  • Puncture protection
  • Mileage longevity
P Zero Velo

P ZeroTM Velo TT

Designed for breath-taking speed, while reducing both rolling resistance and aero drag, this is the fastest and most performing tyre in the P ZeroTM Velo family.

  • The fastest P ZeroTM Velo tyre: 23mm profile to minimize aerodynamic drag force.
  • Lowest rolling resistance
  • Superior handling for extreme cornering
  • Best in category wet handling
  • Extremely light - 23c just 165g!
P Zero Velo TT

P ZeroTM Velo 4S

With its unique tread design the 4S is developed to shed water from your path even faster than the P ZeroTM Velo. Wet or dry, the 4S will rise to the challenge.

  • All-round cold weather performance tyre
  • Balanced dry & wet grip
  • Low rolling resistance
  • Increased puncture protection
  • Higher mileage longevity
  • Increased comfort
P Zero Velo 4S
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Pirelli technology has long set the standard in the world of motorsports. For P Zero™ Velo, Pirelli utilised 3 technologies;

  • SmartnetTM Silica: Delivers high rolling efficiency, predictable grip in both wet and dry conditions.
  • Functional Groove Technology: Motorsport inspired technology that delivers high levels of comfort and water drainage
  • Ideal Contour Shaping: Provides confident, predictable cornering and handling.

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